Wine Tastings and Flights to Discover In and Near Jersey City

August 15, 2023

Looking for great wine in and around Jersey City? Look no further. Here are three great places for wine tastings and flights near Lenox.

Tasting: Cheese + Wine Hoboken

Address: 720 Monroe St, Hoboken, NJ

The venue’s ambiance is as inviting as its name suggests. With rustic wooden furniture, dim lighting, and walls lined with bottles of wine, the atmosphere here is the perfect fusion of cozy and chic.

As the name implies, Cheese + Wine Hoboken offers a curated experience combining two of life’s great culinary pleasures: cheese and wine. Each wine is expertly paired with a cheese that compliments its unique flavor profile, ensuring a harmonious experience for your palate. Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or just starting your journey, the knowledgeable staff here will guide you through an unforgettable tasting adventure. Learn more about Cheese + Wine Hoboken.

Tasting: Divino Tasting

Address: 38 Maiden Lane, Newark

Sleek and modern, this venue is designed for the contemporary wine enthusiast. It’s a blend of sophistication and intimacy, making it an ideal spot for both quiet evenings and lively gatherings.

Divino offers an extensive range of wines sourced from various regions. Their curated tastings often focus on specific themes, such as varieties, regions, or styles. With the guidance of their trained sommeliers, guests are taken on a journey that educates and excites, with each sip revealing a new layer of complexity and depth. Learn more about Divino Tasting.

Flight: Amelia’s Bistro 

Address: 187 Warren St, Jersey City

A beloved culinary institution in Jersey City, Amelia’s Bistro is not just about food.

Think modern bistro charm combined with casual elegance. The décor is warm and inviting, creating an environment where one can savor every moment. While Amelia’s Bistro is renowned for its gourmet dishes, the wine flight offering is equally commendable. These flights allow patrons to sample a range of wines, making it perfect for those looking to explore a spectrum of flavors and aromas. The wines are expertly chosen to accompany the bistro’s menu, ensuring that whether you opt for appetizers, entrées, or desserts, there’s a wine that’ll elevate your dining experience. Learn more about Amelia’s Bistro.