Spring Eats: Healthy Food Spots Near Lenox

April 8, 2022

As the weather heats up, most of us are probably starting to think about our beach bodies. Through a combination of exercise and healthy eating, not only will you impress yourself through what you can achieve, you will also feel great along the way.

Here are three places to visit this season for healthy fuel near Lenox.

Belle Ame Cafe
Belle Ame, or “Beautiful Soul” in French, opened as recently as July 2021 and it seems locals are still finding out about it by word of mouth despite being one of the best cafes in our city.

With Nicaraguan coffee beans along with lattes, as a coffee cafe, Belle Ame has all the right notes but the food is what has drawn so many, so often. From avocado toast to greek salad, Belle Ame is the perfect place for lunch or just a cup of caffeine.

Vegan AF
Vegans rejoice! Vegan AF is here to satisfy your every craving. From delicious burgers to creamy mac and cheese, Vegan AF hits the nail on the head. Highly recommended are their salads, quesadillas, and tacos along with an incredible vegan chili.

Subia’s Vegan Cafe
Another great spot for vegans is Subia’s. Serving sandwiches and juices like Skin Glow (beet, carrot, ginger and lemon), Subia’s Vegan Cafe is just one more incredible spot in Jersey City that locals have come to love.

Tip: The vegan ranch mayo is reported to be “what dreams are made of,” according to one review.